CNN’s fake maps are the counterpart to its fake news

While anyone can make a mistake, CNN has a remarkable pattern of hilarious errors when it comes to basic geography, the kind of thing most of us learned in elementary school, at least when it comes to the map of the United States. Google “CNN geography fail” and you will see mind-boggling ignorance and sloppiness on display.

The news business used to be all about providing facts, but for many years now, at CNN that mission has been supplanted by the imperative of unseating Republicans, and since 2016, impeaching or at least defeating President Trump. So, it may be unsurprising that CNN regularly mis-identifies US states and foreign locations too. But given that channel’s snotty attitude – alleging Trump couldn’t find Afghanistan on a map -- it is a very bad look:

Here is a sampler of the ridiculous geographic ignorance at the fake news network(hat tips; Twitchy, RedState, MRC and Google.

First, at home, where everything in flyover country is kinda vague:


Even coastal metropolises are too hard for CNN to keep straight:

But when we go to overseas maps, just staying on the correct continent is a serious challenge:

YouTube screen grab


There’s an old joke that war is God’s way of teaching Americans geography. And CNN certainly has covered its share of wars, but it still hasn't learned that Switzerland separates Germany from Italy: