CNN and Chris Cuomo stage an utterly fake event to dramatize a phony re-emergence from quarantine

CNN has discarded any remaining shreds of credibility by planning and then broadcasting a totally bogus event aimed at portraying its most politically connected host as some kind of hero.  What makes this exercise in propaganda so stunning is that it is easily proven to be phony by the words spoken by its purported hero. You may recall that CNN's Chris Cuomo announced to the world that he had contracted the coronavirus weeks ago and began broadcasting his daily show from his basement, as if he were some heroic jailed dissident, exploiting his illness for all it is worth.  But, perhaps slightly deranged by the lack of contact with others, he went on air April 13 on his Sirius XM radio show to vent his angst about his job at CNN (sounding a lot like a guilty conscience) and describing an encounter with a bicycle-rider who harassed him about being outside and violating his quarantine.  If the incident is not fresh in your mind, you can hear it in a...(Read Full Post)
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