Churches and church goers under siege on Easter

Managing a pandemic in a free society isn’t easy. As we stumble along, we’re dipping into dangerous waters with respect to government control.

Nowhere has it been more apparent than on the religious front, as churches have come under fire for holding services, even when such services follow social distancing guidelines.

The Daily Wire reports:

With Easter coming on Sunday, the faithful want to go to church.

But if they do, they could be charged with a criminal offense and face a year in jail and/or a $2,500 fine.

All across the country, police are cracking down on churches, sometimes raiding the houses of worship and issuing summonses.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s happening:

The Democratic governor of Kentucky has threatened to record the license plates of any church goers and pass the information along ot the Health Department who then visit to the home of the person and serve them a 14-day quarantine order.

Not to be outdone by the governor, the mayor of Louisville has threatened to fine anyone who attends an Easter service, even if it’s a drive-in style where church goers remain in their cars in the parking lot with the windows rolled up. However, one church sought a temporary emergency restraining order that was granted today, and it seems the church has won.

(Kentucky has been in a totalitarian frenzy, as this state also set up a hotline for residents to report those who aren’t following social distancing guidelines.)

In Mississippi, members of a Baptist church were issued $500 citations after they attended an outdoor service, with congregants in their cars with the windows rolled up. (The video below is cued to the 4:55 mark when police arrive).

Greenville, MS cop busts drive-in church goers (YouTube screen grab, cropped)

In Virginia, a pastor of a church was served a summons for holding a service for sixteen parishoners spread apart in a sanctuary that normally seats nearly 300 people.

And as is widely known by now, New York City Mayor de Blasio threatened churches with permanent closure if they held services.

God bless every single American celebrating Easter in these harrowing times.

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