Chloroquine may never get the perfect study proving it's good. Use it anyway

Most folks have read tantalizing reports of patients who have received a combination drug cocktail of chloroquine (or hydroxychloroquine), azithromycin (commonly known as a Z-pack), and sometimes zinc for treatment of COVID-19.  These reports have been mostly anecdotal and have involved small numbers of patients.  But there have been a decent number of such reports — enough to spark President Trump's interest and endorsement.  And if you personally know and speak to any physicians — particularly hospitalists, pulmonologists, intensivists, E.D. physicians, or primary care physicians — you'll soon find someone who has quietly prescribed this drug cocktail to one or many patients.  The reports I've received from physician colleagues have invariably been positive.  In addition, virtually all physicians I know would not hesitate to treat their own family members with the CZZ cocktail. The FDA has been quite...(Read Full Post)
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