Bitter Hillary plays backseat driver to Trump's leadership on coronavirus

Even as Joe Biden offers some grudging praise for President Trump, the Democratic candidate who already lost to Trump, Hillary Clinton, just can't get over it.

More than three years after her stinging loss, she's still at it, sniping from the sidelines against Trump's leadership in the coronavirus crisis on Twitter:

This is nonsense.  Hillary's latest sniping, citing an old Washington Post story that editorializes way too much throughout its anonymously sourced "investigation," is wrong.  Crisis leadership, as she knows, is hard, and with many moving parts and competing interests, there are always a few missteps.  What's important is that the course is corrected, which is where project management leadership comes in.  Axios has a real interesting piece out today detailing just how early members of the Trump administration were on to the coronavirus crisis, with White House adviser Peter Navarro miles ahead, foreseeing the pandemic, which Trump's shutdown of travel from China, in the midst of the impeachment imbroglio, signaled that he heeded.

Clinton's tweets come against the widely praised public response to President Trump's leadership on this crisis, even from members of Clinton's own party, with Trump's handling of the crisis giving him the highest approval ratings of his presidency. 

This suggests that these bitter little tweets are nothing more than bitter, festering jealousy that Trump is the one taking the lead instead of herself.

Holed up in Chappaqua or someplace, irrelevant as can be, this is far from Hillary's only bitter tweet.  Hours earlier, she came up with this preposterous projection:

Memo to Hillary: Joe Biden's the only one calling for any delays — in his case, of the Democratic Party's nominating convention.  Where'd that fevered lunacy come from?

Here's more useless sniping from a few days earlier, this time to a problem that's already been solved:

As she carps about Trump, looking for that magic word-bullet that can slay him, we know she's got to be furious that the person making the decisions and taking charge of the vast crisis is Trump, not herself.  She was the one who was entitled to the presidency, not he.  How can it be that he's succeeding?  Trump being Trump, she can see that he's the quintessential crisis manager, the hotel chief who can put out one fire and explosion after another — and is doing it in front of her eyes. 

Hillary, by contrast, has only Benghazi, and all those 3 A.M. phone calls she ignored as a U.S. diplomatic compound burned to the ground, killing four Americans, as her crisis management record.  It must eat at her, the coulda, shoulda, woulda hindsight, because now she's taking in what real leadership looks like.

Helplessly at the sidelines now, she snipes, like an irritable old lady in a rest home who can't be pleased.

She's beclowning herself.  Most Democrats are smart enough to pay lip service tributes at least to Trump's leadership just to avoid looking out of touch with the public.  Hillary has no need to please the public, those deplorables, her term, and true to form, she never has.  That's an even bigger reason why she's not president.

Image credit: U.S. Department of Defense, public domain.

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