Bill Maher’s funny, accurate attack against a media that’s out of control

Bill Maher is a smart man. He’s also a bit of an iconoclast because, despite being as hard a limousine leftist as you’ll ever find (he hoped for a recession to derail Trump), he’s also willing to break out of his box by having conservatives on his show and occasionally espousing ideas that rise above garden-variety, lockstep leftism.

For some reason, COVID-19 seems to be triggering more than the usual amount of common sense from Maher. Last week, he bucked the leftist trend of taking marching orders from the Chinese Communist Party, and said that it’s appropriate to call COVID-19 the “Chinese Virus.”

It’s a magnificent rant. Maher covers historic naming conventions for infectious diseases, says that the virus came from China, launches into a full-blown attack on political correctness, and talks about China’s habit of having wet markets and eating bats:

Maher’s at it again, coming up with common sense, wisdom, and a disgust for the excesses of his side of the political aisle. Of course, he doesn’t attack Democrats directly. Instead, he attacks the media, without acknowledging that he and the media have long had the same goal: Destroying Republican presidents and initiating a permanent Democrat-party reign.

Still, despite his failure to mention the media’s Democrat affiliation, Maher otherwise is right on the money about the media’s disgraceful “pandemic porn.” He points out that Trump is the optimist here and optimism is a winner. Meanwhile, the media is getting more shrill and fake in its coverage:

I don’t usually recommend watching two Maher videos, but in this case, I do. Also, if you'd like to see the perfect example of pity-party "panic porn," contrast Maher’s exhortations against media hysteria with Brian Stelter’s pathetic tweet:

For a man who is worth in excess of $10 million, that is utterly embarrassing and disgusting when 22 million people are out of work.

Stelter probably would not have appreciated Maher’s words and, in fact, neither did Maher’s fans. Many lashed out at him for daring to suggest that we’re not facing an apocalypse and that the media is making Trump's case for him:

I believe in catching people being good, and Maher was good about this one. Perhaps with enough insights, he’ll figure out that his politics are bass-ackwards and that America will be a better place with fealty to the Constitution rather than The Communist Manifesto.