Bidenites mock and insult grieving Bernie voters -- and expect party unity

The screams of the Bernie Sanders supporters are all over, now that their socialist hero has decided to pull out of the presidential race.

I had planned to write about this, because some of them are having trouble accepting it:

But in researching 'material for this blog, I ran across something startling and different, and nobody in the press has noticed:

Biden supporters are mocking, taunting, kicking, and insulting the Bernie-ite voters while they are grieving and down, even though the Democratic nominee needs their votes to win.

Their tweets are mean, vindictive, vengeful and savage:




Ther's a ton of this stuff running around on Twitter from the Bidenites. 

Joe himself has already said that he takes the Bernie voters for granted, suggesting in comments that they have nowhere else to go. As a result, they'll come running to Joe.

But he seems to be unaware that many Bernie voters, about 15%, according to one poll, actually plan on casting their ballots for President Trump as their second choice. They really don't like Biden.

Rep. Ilhan Omar's self-declared "communist" daughter seems to be in this category, she seems to be saying she'll never support Biden, (though she probably won't move to 15% for Trump). She's tweeting revolutionary change now since she doesn't like the electoral results.

Twitter internet polls show that many Bernie supporters plan on casting their votes for Bernie as a write-in candidate.

This bodes trouble for the Biden campaign, given the importance of Twitter to many Bernie supporters.

It's not made better by Joe Biden, whose appeals to the Bernie voters are being viewed as insults

A few Bidenites can even see the problem and are trying to stop their own from taunting the crestfallen Bernie-ites as bad for party unity. 



This is one bitter contest nobody's noticed, and given the Bidenite sore-winner attitude, they aren't going to win over the wounded Bernie-ites with this kind of grave-dancing going on. So much for uniting the Democratic Party around one candidate. 

President Trump, though, can see what's going on, and sure enough has begun to court them. He knows what's doing on Twitter. Dollars to donuts, with this kind of Bidenite gloating going on, Trump is going to win many Bernie supporters over.

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