Bernie once again steps down for the good of the Democrat Party

On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders ended his campaign to become the Democrat party's presidential candidate.  Trump and Biden instantly made a play for his supporters.  Biden, who can now barely stand or speak without Jill Biden at his side, is the last man standing in the Democrat primary.  If Democrats can't squeeze Cuomo or Michelle Obama onto the ballot, a vibrant Donald Trump will be running against Biden's human husk.

Bernie broke the news via a press release, emails, and the following tweet:

During a livestream address, a subdued Bernie spoke to his supporters, thanking them while insisting that his campaign permanently changed American politics:

Bernie's wrong about his candidacy having changed the establishment.  The Democrat power players decided very early that Biden, despite being frail and somewhat senile, was their best bet.  They systematically drove everyone out of the primary — aided, as Trump said (see below), by Warren's selfishness.

Still, Bernie's surge is a problem, for it shows how successful decades of leftist infiltration into education and the media have been in creating Americans who believe that an all-powerful government is the answer to every question.  These Americans maintain this belief despite seeing every all-powerful government in the world either collapsing or being exposed as a brutal dictatorship. 

Even Europe's soft socialism has collapsed before our eyes as the American money that funded it during the Cold War dried up after the Soviet Union's collapse.  It's a testament to the reach of leftist propaganda that it can successfully sell to so many Americans a manifestly failed ideology.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, when the party elders told Bernie to run away, he did.

Both Biden and Trump immediately made a play for Bernie's supporters.  Biden's push was generic:

Trump, however, insulted Elizabeth Warren, exposed Democrat party corruption, and enticed Bernie-supporters.  He also pointed out that Bernie the Communist was still hoarding delegates, not redistributing them:

Not every Bernie fan was ready to give up the fight, which may explain Bernie's deciding to keep his delegates:

The general tone from Bernie's supporters, though, was resignation and affection:

Nothing in Bernie's campaign changed my impression of the man.  He's stupid because during his lifetime he witnessed communism killing upwards of 100,000,000 people but still thinks it's a good thing.  Alternatively, if he's smart enough to understand what communism does, he's evil.

He's a hypocrite because he happily accepted millionaire status after his abortive 2016 run.  Were he a good communist, he'd have given that money to the people, rather than spending it on nice houses and other luxury items.

He's power-mad because his ultimate vision has always been to see himself at the top of an all-powerful government.  His endlessly expressed admiration for dictators revealed his leadership dreams.

He's an anti-Semite who embraced every person and idea seeking Israel's destruction.  There was no other nation on Earth, no other creed, no other dictator, he thought should go.  Only Israel.

Good riddance, Bernie.  You were a blight on the American body politic.  It's a shame that the only candidate left in your wake is a demented, corrupt sexual predator.  How far my father's Democrat party has fallen...