Are the polls finally breaking for Trump? Fox News has one that suggests it

For a long time, I've been puzzling about why, given his leadership in the coronavirus crisis, President Trump hasn't seen much to cheer in the polls.  Very specifically, he's constantly trailing Joe Biden in the polls, a candidate so weak he can't get people to go to his rallies, and whose internet press briefings are a shambles. Now things seem to be turning. The latest poll from Fox News, which has reported a lot of left-friendly poll results in the past, is that President Trump is now tied with Joe Biden. Up until now, Trump's been looking at this kind of numbers — here they are, on RealClearPolitics.  Look at the negatives over the last couple of days: This has been strange, indeed, given that some of the polling operations, such as IBD/TIPP, have an unusually strong record of accurate forecasts. Because nothing's been stranger than seeing voters favoring Biden over...(Read Full Post)
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