Another Trump-hating journalist imagines 'packed beaches' full of Trump supporters ... and wants them dead

The Miami Herald, the revenue-losing paper which is owned by a company that may be pursuing a coronavirus-linked taxpayer bailout, has a columnist who'd like half that taxpaying population dead. 



Here's the now-deleted tweet:

It was a ridiculous tweet, because it turns out Florida doesn't have 'packed beaches.' The beaches are starting to see people return, but it's obvious from these pictures on Twitchy that there's social distancing.

The other thing that was likely rubbish was her claim that the people going back to the beaches are all Trump supporters. They're beach-goers, for crying out loud. More likely, they are apolitical, or come from all political parties. There's nothing especially beach-going about Trump supporters.

What wasn't nonsense was her stated desire to see all Trump supporters dead. She's since deleted the tweet and apologized, claiming she never wanted anyone dead, but it doesn't seem terribly honest.



Of course she wanted the Trumpsters out of the gene pool. One Twitter poster noted that she never said the same about New York's very blue Central Park, which really does have packed conditions. The desire of the public to come out is pretty well emerging all over, blue and red, a desire to get back to business. And it's likely justified, given the flattened curve and ebbing risk. Santiago isn't attuned to any of that at all. It's like she doesn't read the news.

Which is sorry stuff, given that she seems to be a Miami Cuban who knows the awfulness of Castro's Cuba, as her pinned tweet shows. Where does that hate come from? Where does that ridiculous aversion to facts originate?  Not a seemly thing in a columnist whose newspaper wants subscriptions from the public and whose parent company might want a bailout from the public. Does she know who she's biting?

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