AG Barr offers big reveals on Spygate prosecutions

I know that a lot of people are skeptical that justice ever will be done in Spygate, the attempted sabotage of a presidential campaign and presidency by a leadership cabal within the intelligence apparatus of the United States.  But the wheels of justice grind slowly because there are a lot of is to be dotted and ts to be crossed, so to speak, for the convictions to be obtained and upheld.

Last night, Laura Ingraham broadcast the second part [i] of an interview with Attorney General Barr in which he made some significant points about what is ahead for that cabal, in very general terms, of course.  Sometimes, he is so economical and subtle that the significance of his remarks is not immediately obvious to all.

William Barr chooses his words very carefully and is systematic (among the traits that made him a super-lawyer), so it is always worthwhile examining them closely and putting things together.

Fortunately, two knowledgeable observers have offered exegeses today that are worth reading.

Sundance of Conservative Treehouse picks out the biggest reveals and cues them on the video embedded below, while retired FBI special agent (and AT contributor) Mark Wauck of Meaning in History puts together the pieces and teases out some subtleties.  I'll start with video of the entire seven-minute interview, courtesy of Sundance.

Sundance highlights Barr's comments on the firing of Michael Atkinson, on Durham's investigation, and FISA abuses.  Here's what Barr said about the Durham investigation and Spygate:

@4:10 of VideoINGRAHAM – What can you tell us about the state of John Durham's investigation? People have been waiting for the, the final report, on what happened with this, what can you tell us?

BARR – "Well I think a report y'know, may be, and probably will be, a by-product of his activity; but his primary focus isn't to prepare a report, he is looking to bring to justice people who were engaged in abuses if he can show that there were criminal violations; and that's what the focus is on. And, uh, as you know, being a lawyer yourself, building these cases, especially the sprawling case we have between us that went on for two or three years here, uh…, it takes some time, it takes some time to build the case."

"So he's diligently pursuing it, uh.. My own view is that, uh, the evidence shows that we're not dealing with just mistakes or sloppiness, there was something far more troubling here; and we're going to get to the bottom of it. And if people broke the law, and we can establish that with the evidence, they will be prosecuted."

The rest is here.

Mark writes:

First of all, it seems apparent that the Durham investigation has completed most of its evidence gathering--whether documentary or through interviews. That doesn't mean the investigation is finished. There is also the question of putting together a prosecutive case, and that will probably involve complicated negotiations with the lawyers for the persons being investigated. That, in turn, could lead to further substantive investigation. But the bottom line is that at this point Barr appears confident that he knows what happened and, most likely, who was behind it. As Barr says, this is a "sprawling" case.

Second, Barr several times refers to things that "they" did.  Not things that "were done." So, multiple human perpetrators. That points toward the strong likelihood that a conspiracy case is being pursued that will encompass an attempt to "sabotage the presidency." As Barr says, this is a "sprawling" case. And this case is very much focused on developing a criminal prosecution of the conspirators.

Third, Barr says that, while Durham's "primary focus" is not on preparing a report, a report will "probably" result from Durham's investigation. That's important. IMO, the American people deserve a report that lays out the narrative of how a group of highly placed federal government operatives conspired to "sabotage the presidency." Such a report would be unusual coming from a prosecutor, but this is an unusual case that goes to the heart of our constitutional order. The American people deserve to have a report that they can read and readily understand, rather than having to glean the narrative from complicate testimony, court proceedings, and documents written in bureacratic language and, possibly, released without full context. The release of the Papadopoulos interview is a down payment, as are no doubt the firings of corrupt Deep State operatives such as Dan Coats, Michael Atkinson, and others.

Fourth, there is a twofold key in what Barr tells. He tells us that Crossfire Hurricane--"this investigation of [Trump's] campaign"--was inititated "without any basis." That means that Crossfire Hurricane was initiated without proper predication and was an unlawful investigation. I think we will see confirmed what we've always known, that Crossfire Hurricane was initiated for the purpose of developing a narrative that could derail and sabotage a presidential election. But, that baseless investigation nevertheless served as the predication for what Barr says he has found "even more concerning": "... what happened after the campaign--a whole pattern of events while [Trump] was president ... to sabotage the presidency."

From this I think we can readily gather why this Durham investigation is so "sprawling." What happened after the campaign? The attempt to frame Michael Flynn and to sabotage the presidency through the frame job on Flynn, at the very inception of the administration, to tar it as "colluding" with Russia, rather than conducting foreign policy. The continued renewals of the Carter Page FISA, known to be fraudulent, which implicate the highest levels of the FBI and of DoJ--McCabe, Comey, Yates, Boente, Rosenstein, and many more. The bogus Intelligence Community Assessment, the development of which we're told Durham has spent so much time examinging.

And lastly but far from least, the entire Mueller Witchhunt--which, as frame by Rod Rosenstein, purported to be a continuation of the baseless FBI investigation, Crossfire Hurricane. The release of the Papadopoulos transcript not only is a dagger in the heart of the predication for Crossfire Hurricane and the Carter Page FISA, a dagger in the heart of the FBI's role in the conspiracy. It is also a dagger that, along with the final FISA renewal, we may learn is directed at Team Mueller through its pursuit of George Papadopoulos.

[i] Part one here.

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