After trying to get others to pay for their security, Harry and Meghan go house-hunting in Bel Air

Three weeks ago, Prince Harry and his Trump-hating missus, Meghan Markle, sought to have the Canadian government pay for their annual security in their rented Vancouver hideaway following their exit from the British royal family. They wanted to continue to live like royals, but not in the private sector way, which is by paying for it. When Canada ultimately said no, it was time to pack up and go Hollywood. According to TMZ: As for why they went to Vancouver first for 2 weeks, before hopping on a plane and moving the brood to Tinseltown ... we're hearing 2 different things. First ... bad optics, moving from the UK directly to Hollywood. We've also heard they thought they'd be taken care of better in Canada, and were surprised when they realized fending for themselves there was tougher than they thought, especially when they were stripped of their royal titles. It suggests that no-free-security for them was the deal-breaker on whether...(Read Full Post)
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