A taste of freedom in the coronavirus panic

My wife entered stage right (the hallway) and said in a frustrated voice, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"  This got my attention because my wife is an even-tempered woman who normally takes moderation to excess.  Typically, I'm the one who breaks first, and she is the morale officer. I was the one who would be morale officer this time.  Step up to the plate, buddy, and give it a shot.  I did, and I hit it out of the park. We were on "lockdown," or under house arrest, or something like that, but those terms sounded worse than the confinement was.  The governor's "stay-at-home order" extension allowed some movement outside the home.  Imagine that.  We (the people) had received permission from our governor to do things that just a few days ago we didn't need permission from anybody to do.  That concerned me. I said to...(Read Full Post)
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