A strange Easter at home this year

On Sunday, we will celebrate the most important date of the Christian faith.  It is a day of hope on which ladies wearing beautiful hats and dresses.

Down in Texas, we will come together in many ways.  This is from Houston-2:

It's Good Friday, but for many, Easter weekend will not be the same as every other year.  The coronavirus pandemic has forced parks to close, churches to go online and families to stay apart.

It's the same in the North Texas area where we live.

So here is what our Easter Sunday will look like:

As always, I will do my morning walk and walk in an empty park.

At 11 A.M., we will watch the Easter Sunday Mass on our laptop.  If the signal breaks down because the internet is flooded with users, then we will switch to a local channel and catch the mass from the Guadalupe Cathedral.

In the early afternoon, my wife has a huge meal planned for our small family gathering.

It's not what we usually do on Easter Sunday, but we are fortunate to be healthy.

So make the best of a difficult situation.  As my late father would always remind me, it'd be worse in a Cuban political prison.

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