A reporter gets the Mr. & Mrs. Parker treatment

As a fan of the movie A Christmas Story, I remember how Ralphie and his brother used to get reprimanded by their parents.  It was a two-step strategy: Dad, or the old man, would yell at you, and Mom, the absolutely wonderful Mrs. Parker, would give you a hug while you were serving your punishment.

On Tuesday morning, a reporter decided to show up President Trump.  He obviously went there on a "gotcha" mission and ended up making a total fool of himself.

Here's what happened:

"Mr. President, overall South Korea has done five times more tests than the U.S. per capita," Walker said. "Why is that?

"I don't think that's true," Trump replied.

Walker said that it was true, and Trump directed the question to Birx, the response coordinator for the coronavirus task force.

Then Dr. Birx detailed the numbers and that the president was right all along.

President Trump confronted him and asked for an apology.  (He did later, by the way.)

What followed was fun to watch.

President Trump jumped all over the reporter.  Dr. Birx smiled at the reporter and told him to check the facts.

It was great.  Maybe President Trump should let Dr. Birx put more reporters in their place.  She's beautiful at it.

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