A police state scene out of China appears in the United States

Here’s a video of people being physically removed from their homes to be put into quarantine. The footage is a chilling scene from communist China.


Think it can’t happen here?


YouTube screen grab

It comes from this video, where a man is physically removed from a bus by several Philadelphia police officers because he wasn’t wearing a face mask.

That this happened in the United States chills me.

In both China and our country, the individuals being removed resisted the authorities, but they were ultimately defenseless against a small army of state enforcers.

You tell me “social distancing’ hasn’t become a relatively benign expression for a dangerous experiment in government control? Just wait until the left comes to power. This is just a dry run to soften us up.

Trump had better grab the reins, because it appears that a handful of “experts” are running and ruining the country.