A German crackdown on a shutdown dissenter has a distinctly fascist feel

The Soviet Union, a socialist dictatorship, famously locked up dissidents in psychiatric institutions. Once there, they were subject to cruel tortures in the name of “restoring” their mental health. Word is now leaking out that the Germany government imprisoned a German lawyer in a mental institution for opposing Germany’s oppressive reaction to the Wuhan virus. Germany has imposed extremely stringent shutdown measures in response to the Wuhan virus (although it is not enforcing them against Muslims). The country has had a national curfew in place since March 22. Under the curfew, people may not travel in groups of more than two people, unless they share a household, and they may leave home only for certain limited activities (e.g., work, sports, or buying groceries). On April 3, Beate Bahner, a lawyer in Baden-Württemberg, German, issued a press release challenging Germany’s shutdown. In it, according to a translation at the UK Column, Bahner...(Read Full Post)
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