Why is NASA recruiting astronauts if it plans to phase out fossil fuels?

NASA is one of the many federal agencies that push the talking points that climate change is an existential threat.  Then it says climate change is substantially caused by humans, CO2, and fossil fuels, which are destroying the Earth. So why would the people at NASA hire employees into jobs for the future that require fossil fuels if they advocate stopping the use of them?  They are also requiring the applicants to be pilots.  Why would we have pilots when there will be no planes? How would we go to Mars, the Moon, or the space station or launch weather and other satellites without the benefit of fossil fuels? Shouldn't media outlets tell young men and women they should not go into any field related to petroleum since they support putting candidates in power who soon want to stop the use of them?  Shouldn't the young, who also advocate ending the use of petroleum, protest anyone that uses it, including NASA? Aren't...(Read Full Post)
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