Where's Joe: Biden still missing days after that promise of daily briefings

Where's Joe Biden?  After promising us he'd play pretend-president with daily briefings about the coronavirus crisis, blasting yet also plagiarizing President Trump, who's showing himself to be a stellar crisis president, Biden's now weirdly missing from any public appearances. Which doesn't exactly sound like the captain you'd want in a storm. The latest excuse coming from his team is that it's all due to "lighting issues" which presumably might make his Hollywood smile look less bright to voters on camera.  Biden's team has leaked to reporters that their man was back home in Wilmington trying to get the lighting right for his big cavalcade of upcoming play-president events, and well, they're still working on it. He didn't have any problems with lighting before, the twitterati pointed out, and the argument has brought out tweets of his luxury digs in Delaware, highlighting that public office has...(Read Full Post)
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