When it comes to coronavirus, Democrats try to win by changing the rules

In January, the media offered continuous coverage of the coronavirus sweeping through the Wuhan region of China.  From the profit viewpoint, the coronavirus was a mesmerizing story that fell into the "if it bleeds, it leads" category (only this time the mantra was "if it has a fever and a dry cough, we can't get enough").  The coverage was honest, if sensationalist. Those early days, however, were the Democrat establishment's last honest moments.  Since then, the media and Democrat politicians will say anything about the coronavirus, no matter that it contradicts what they previously said, provided they can make it appear that Trump and other Republicans are malevolent, racist, and ineffective. The media shift on racism has been especially hard to swallow because it's been so obvious.  At the end of January, when Trump announced that he was restricting China flights into America and planning to quarantine...(Read Full Post)
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