What the left is destroying goes far beyond politics and the economy

My good friend, a highly educated, life-long Democrat, informed me a few days ago that President Trump was an ego-maniacal, narcissist liar and that he had made a complete botch of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. A short time before, at a family gathering, one of our dear relatives let slip that Donald Trump was nothing but a rapist (not racist, rapist!) and to add insult to injury, she apotheosized Michelle Obama’s “Becoming.” I felt myself becoming nauseous, so dashed to the bathroom. The political animosity characterizing our society has taken a heavy toll on that quality of “respect” due to each of us, despite our opinions. Respect for the human qua human, is not an assessment of someone’s ideology or values. It is a mutually agreed, unwritten contract guiding the courteous conduct of interpersonal relations. However, the left presumes if we do not support their agenda, then we have defiantly forfeited claims to respect as humans....(Read Full Post)
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