Want to beat the coronavirus? Reopen America now

Contrarian and compelling voices are rising to warn that the lockdown of the American economy is overdone, not sustainable — from the Wall Street Journal editorial pages to a standalone blog entry from a Hoover Institution economist highlighted by the Power Line blog to the Cato Institute. In fact, the economic lockdown itself is unfolding into a catastrophe, needlessly devastating the engine of American exceptionalism itself. The economic shutdown by government fiat, driven by public health authorities' overreach — led by the CDC, whose recent preoccupations have been focused on the phantom enemies of racism, global warming, and gender dysphoria, rather than communicable diseases — is looking like the Vietnam war cliché: "we had to destroy the village in order to save it." Yes, the CCP Wuhan COVID-19 virus is serious stuff, but not exactly an unknown.  We know that it is a super-contagion, but its ravages can be confined to...(Read Full Post)
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