Vile: Leftist hospital exec fired for encouraging coronavirus death on Trump voters

If Democrats retake power, they vow to take over the health care system, claiming they'll "cut costs" and make medical care "free for all."

Just one problem: The health care system would be run by people like this.

In a conversation with Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute Director of Development Lisa LaTrovato, [Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Vice President for External Affairs Laura] Krolczyk wrote, "Trump supporters need to pledge to give up their ventilators for someone else ... and not go to the hospital."

In response, LaTrovato wrote, "I think they should be the only ones in packed churches on Sunday," to which Krolczyk replied, "They should barricade themselves in there and ride this out."

Krolczyk got fired.  The other one, LaTrovato, apparently is still drawing a paycheck.  And here's the thing about them: LaTrovato has been a Democratic operative who, according to this report, worked for far-left former Democratic congresswoman Louise Slaughter.  Krolczyk, meanwhile, has reportedly worked on Hillary Clinton's staff during her time as senator.

That's how they talk.  That's how they think.  Like a not inconsiderable slice of the most "motivated" part of the Democratic Party, they've got murder on their minds, not just of Trump, but of people who vote for Trump — which in a hospital executive is pretty sickening.

It's roughly parallel to the social media posts of another leftist hater, Lara Kollab, the anti-Semitic medical resident who vowed as a doctor to give Jewish people the wrong medicine to kill them in her social media posts.  Remember her?  That person, who also got fired, in her case from her medical residency, was a big-time supporter of the anti-Israel BDS (boycott, divest, and sanction) movement, which is an exclusively leftist cause common among Democrats.  That's the same Israel that is the home to countless medical technology innovations and medical breakthroughs, something unusually unseemly in a doctor supposedly devoted to healing.  And that doesn't even get into her lethal-minded hate against Jews in a medical setting, which is intolerable in a doctor. 

Yet it's very, very common on the left to wish Trump-supporters death.

We saw that a lot in recent months, not just on the Hollywood D-list, but among actual Democratic operatives, starting with James O'Keefe's undercover video of an Iowa-based Bernie Sanders staffer named Kyle Jurek, who vowed to put conservatives "up against the wall" if not in Gulags and "re-education" camps.  He said the Sanders camp was full of people just like himself and his buddies, according to O'Keefe, and said they were worried he might try to personally assassinate President Trump.  Yet the Democratic staffer, so far as known, is still on payroll, and the incident was dismissed as "gossip" by a mid-level Sanders staffer.

It's no anomaly, either.  We also saw this violent hate against political opponents more recently in a Twitter post by Nancy Pelosi's daughter, Christine, who, again without sanction, or even a disavowal from her mother, speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, got away with cheering a thug convicted of felony assault against Sen. Rand Paul.  She's still made zero apology.

The lethal-mindedness is there, and it seems to be most obvious in Democrats with links to political power.  This, in the medical field, is scary.

Both Krolczyk and Kollab got fired when they took their political act to the private sector.  The private sector, which knows it needs to keep clients, could not tolerate such people.  On the left, this would be denounced as its obsession with "profits."  But it shows that that system can self-correct in the interest of staying in business.

That raises questions elsewhere, though.  If Democrats take over health care, with no alternatives for citizens, how likely are people such as Kollab and Krolczyk to be fired for the same kinds of statements, or worse still, acting out on their homicidal fantasies against the politically different?  We can already see that Democrat don't fire politically valuable Democrats, no matter what kind of murderous thoughts come out on their social media posts.  Putting these people in charge of health care, with these attitudes, sounds like an unusually dangerous proposition for conservatives, Republicans, and the politically un-connected, given these Democrats' willingness to use medicine as a weapon on their political opponents.  And with socialized medicine sure to create shortages, you can bet the death panel will be working overtime to ration care, along with the distinct possibility that conservatives might not fare as well as leftists when the time comes out to decide who gets what.

It ought to become an issue for voters, given that the death wishes from the left are coming thick and strong.  Are any Democrats disavowing this?  Old Kyle Jurek is still on payroll, and Nancy Pelosi's daughter is tweeting on.  Democrats ought to be answering questions about their capacity to self-clean as the private sector does, given their gargantuan appetite for power.  Sound like a good idea to have these people running everyone's health care?

Image credit: David Veksler via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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