Trump’s Fox News Town Hall showed Democrats the scariest voter of all

On Thursday night, President Trump participated in a Fox News town hall in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the city that Joe Biden frequently boasts about as his hometown. Pennsylvania, of course, was one of the pivotal states that, unexpectedly, gave the majority of its votes to Trump in the 2016 election. During the town hall, one of the people who got the microphone was David Hines, the Director of Operations for the City of Pittston. Martha MacCallum described Hines as a “lifelong Democrat who crossed over and voted for Trump in 2016.” David asked a substantive question about controlling the EPA’s excessive and punitive environmental regulations: Everyone supports protecting the environment, but the EPA seems too focused on complex regulations, fines, fees, and lawsuits. What can you do to lead the EPA to focus more on proactive compliance instead of punitive enforcement to protect the environment? Trump’s answer, boiled down to its essentials, was...(Read Full Post)
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