Trump-haters' heads exploding in the wake of his masterful Rose Garden coronavirus briefing yesterday

President Trump is redefining himself as a wartime president, boldly acting to sweep away obstacles and mobilizing government and business to fight together to get us up to speed in overcoming a threat nobody anticipated.  Yesterday's White House press briefing, held outdoors in the sunny weather, intensified the frenzy of TDS-addled media and other Democrats.  President Trump's effectiveness — in reforming regulatory and bureaucratic roadblocks and mobilizing vastly increased production of necessary medical equipment in short supply — was on display even more vividly than before.  He comes across as a leader who is dealing with an unexpected threat, learning as he goes, and tapping into the unmatched resources of the American people to fight it. YouTube screen grab. President Trump is a leader who actually leads, refusing to be constrained by the norms and procedures of the past that cannot be allowed to get in the way of the...(Read Full Post)
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