Trump unloads on an NBC reporter who attacks, interrupts, and fights with him

Having failed with the Russia hoax and the Ukraine hoax, the Democrat establishment slipped seamlessly into blaming President Trump for the coronavirus's entry into and affect on America.  During his now daily press briefings, Trump is fighting back against the reporters and shining a light on their efforts to frighten, not inform Americans. On Friday, NBC's Peter Alexander decided to pick a fight with President Trump regarding repurposing existing drugs to see if they can speedily be put into place to fight the coronavirus.  It began when the president said he was very pleased with the way in which Chloroquine was getting fast-tracked through the FDA to be used for a reason other than its approved usage as a malaria treatment. Trump pointed out the advantage of knowing all about the drug and its safety record.  He did not say the drug is a magic pill.  Instead, he said it should certainly be tried and that he feels optimistic that...(Read Full Post)
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