Trump steals Dems' thunder with smart immigration policy, leaving them nothing but illegals

To hear the left tell it, President Trump is against immigration. Actual immigrants, though -- the kind who contribute, refuse welfare, and come legally, can tell a different story. Here's the latest from the Trump administration that just strips the Democrats of their canards:  The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is raising the cap on H-2B visas by 35,000 and pledged to add extra security provisions for the guest worker system. DHS announced Thursday it’s raising the cap on H-2B visas — which applies to seasonal guest workers — by 35,000 in 2020. While the move placates concerns by the business community, which has lobbied to raise the cap in order to fill vacant jobs, the announcement will irk those who oppose more cheap foreign labor entering the U.S. market. The whole thing makes sense, sense enough to call smart immigration policy. Trump has come up with a sensible guest worker policy that will reward legal...(Read Full Post)
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