Trump has a field day with addled Joe Biden's 'endorsement'

Joe Biden is 'confused' as heck, not just about where he is, but who he wants to be president.

Get a load:





Not surprisingly, President Trump is having a field day.



Imagine what the Biden campaign staff meetings are like now. It's never good news when a rival candidate is cheering your candidate's statements.

It's ridiculous, actually - this man the Democrats have rallied around now made these statements with a teleprompter, with rehearsals, and still managed to endorse the other guy.

In fast-moving sports, that's an own-goal, an accident of spatial vector miscalculations and overexcited players.

Joe's none of that.

He's just a mean and confused old man. He's well padded with an army of handlers, feeding him his lines, putting up guardrails, keeping the public from getting too close to him ...  and they still can't keep him on track. The teleprompter didn't prevent this mother-of-all-gaffes, the handlers 'protecting' him from the press didn't succeed, Joe himself had to have been on guard for such gaffes -- and nothing worked. Joe's so addled he ended up endorsing the other guy.

Trump's having a ball with it.

There's months to go and campaigning is a gruelling test of energy, stamina, and political skill. Joe's washing out already and it's still early March. It certainly explains why Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar "suspended" rather than scrapped their campaigns. This guy has problems of sentience and the question now is whether he's actually going to last till November, never mind the illusion of fitness for the presidency. And these gaffes are coming one after another now.

They've got a problem. 





Image credit: Twitter screen shot

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