Told to stay home, forced to go out

"Stay home." OK.  Got it.  Thanks for caring.  I'm in a high-risk group, and I'm home. Watching press conferences, I hear lots of praise for CEOs of big box stores.  Apparently, they're doing an amazing job. OK.  Got it.  But not seeing it.  What's happening in real life is this: Stuck at home, you try to order necessary goods online.  You search for everyday products you need and soon discover they're not available for delivery, and many aren't even available to order ahead and pick up in the store.  That means you have to trek to the store to see if they have it on the shelf (don't bother; they probably don't).  And if one store doesn't have it, you have to go to another store, and another. Photo credit: Daniel Case. So much for staying at home. You might think it makes sense to call stores first to see if they have...(Read Full Post)
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