The resurrection of America, Trump-style

Donald Trump plays a different game of chess.  He thinks several moves ahead, as any chess master would, but he also plays multiple games simultaneously.  He contends with a confrontational media, an insatiable Democratic House leadership, and ill prepared state government–managed health care facilities.  Trump would be amazed should he get true bipartisan support in his effort to stem the coronavirus crisis.

Trump chose to express his desire for a return to normal.  He hoped America could reopen by Easter.  The media immediately rushed to condemn him.  But when his tweet Sunday evening was sent out, was he trying to influence the negotiations underway in the Senate between Sec. Mnuchin and Sen. Chuck Schumer that had collapsed?

The discussions had stalled as Speaker Nancy Pelosi returned to Washington.  She had put the left's wish list into the legislation at issue, ballooning the price tag to $2.5 trillion.  These extraneous items were a non-starter at the White House.  In the end, the Democrats have gotten Republican acceptance of some items unrelated to the health crisis.  As of Wednesday, it appears that compromise has gotten substantial garbage into the Senate bill necessary to get House passage later this week.  The delay tactic (of a week) scares many Republicans into bending.  Each day the national economy remains closed, it decreases the likelihood of a successful recovery.

Trump indicated that Easter is a symbolic time for the economic recovery from this virus.  Beyond that, he provided a lifeline to a distressed public.  Another and more important effect was to force Pelosi and her party to move more quickly to compromise with the Republicans in the Senate and the White House.  The public had a ray of hope, and the citizenry did not want it destroyed by partisan selfishness.  Some game of chess!

State governors have alternately complained about and praised the federal response to the crisis.  Though there have been some disappointments, the national response has been substantial and rapid.  Securing corporate help, equipment, and supplies surpasses earlier expectations.  Frustration in New York is evident by Gov. Cuomo's daily comments.  The stabilizing numbers of hospitalizations in N.Y. is the evidence of the hard work performed by all involved in the coronavirus response.

The press now wants to end the coronavirus task force briefings.  Maybe the real message is getting out.  The resurrection of the truth is Trump's path to re-election.  The truth will set you free and save America.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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