The no longer elite media

Just who designated the left-wing media as the "media elite"?  Elite means the group or part of a group selected or regarded as the finest, best, most distinguished, etc.  How do we know?  Webster's New World Dictionary tells us so.  Exactly none of those adjectives describe the unhinged, severely biased, intellectually scrambled left-wing media.

According to Noam Chomsky, "the elite set a framework within which others operate."  Regrettably, within this thought, there is truth.  The purportedly elite journalists lie, suppress stories that do not fit their lopsided narrative, and push dangerous distortions, and, in doing so, they form the zeitgeist of their low-information voters.

The media-driven nihilism in the face of the current worldwide health crisis has punctuated the irrelevance of our liberal media, who are incapable of seeing beyond their desire to defeat the president.  Left-wing journalism has morphed into far-left polemics.  As we witness day after day during the White House daily briefings, the media have made it their purpose to attempt to embarrass the president rather than harvest useful information for the American people.  Consider the DNR hyperbole.

A few more notable examples would be the repulsive lie, told to those who are still listening to them, that the president disbanded the pandemic response section of the NSC.  It never happened.  How many from the left media attacked the president for shutting down the White House office on pandemics?  The office was and is open.  Yet another bold lie repeated over and over again is the claim that the president is ignoring scientific advice.  These charlatans were finally brought to their knees by Dr. Fauci, who asked the media to stop attempting to create a rift between him and Trump.

The howling by the left-wing media over the president's will to get the economy humming is deafening.  Trump has made it clear to anyone with an I.Q. over 90 that he and his team have prioritized and will continue to prioritize threats to Americans' safety and health.  The next priority is to get the fiscal health of our country on track.  The approach is crystal-clear and clearly over the heads of the annoying magpies who think they are journalists.

Those who are the loudest are the very same journalistic pretenders who called the President a racist and a xenophobe when he had the foresight to enact travel restriction.  While taking precious time away from reporting useful information to the people, the press focused on the proper way to refer to the virus.  How much evidence is needed to know that Trump was spot on when he called the polemical liberal media the enemy of the people?  It may be helpful for them to realize that the most primitive form of self-affirmation is to try to make another feel inferior, to help them feel superior.

The liberal media are not "the finest, the best, the most distinguished."  They are not "elite" or superior in any sense of the word.  They are becoming more irrelevant with every passing day.  Is it any wonder that Trump, who strata-chesses the liberal media at every juncture, is rising in the polls?

Graphic credit: Needpix.

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