The media's war on President Trump has escalated with coronavirus

One of the really horrifying things about the coronavirus experience is realizing that the American media hate President Trump so much that they would rather see America destroyed than do anything that might reflect favorably on Trump.  The news from Monday alone provides three examples of media dishonesty and venom.  In each case, rather than trying to inform the American people about pivotal events, members of the press bent all of their energy both to increasing panic and attacking Trump.

As always, when it came to attacking Trump and undermining Americans generally, CNN's Jim Acosta, a little man by any standard, led the charge.  During Monday's press briefing, Acosta decided to challenge Trump for daring to give hope to Americans (ignoring the fact that Acosta had previously attacked Trump for closing America's borders first to China and then to Europe, saving untold numbers of lives):

What do you say to Americans who are upset with you over the way you downplayed this crisis over the last several months? "We have it very much under control in this country." "The coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. It's going to disappear. It's like a miracle. It will disappear." March 4: "We have a very small number of people in this country infected." March 10: "We're prepared. We're doing a great job with it. It will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.: What do you say to Americans who feel you got this wrong?

Trump slapped back at Acosta with a verbal two-by-four (transcript from the Daily Wire):

It will go away, and I do want them to stay calm, and we are doing a great job. If you look at those individual statements, they're all true. Stay calm. It will go away. You know it is going away and it will go away and we'll have a great victory. And its people like you and CNN that say things like that — that's why people just don't want to listen to CNN any more. You could ask a normal question; the statements I made are — I want to keep the country calm.

I don't want panic in the country; I could cause panic much better than even you; I could make you look like a minor-league player. But you know, I don't want to do that. I want to have our country be calm and strong and fight and win. And it will go away. And it is incredible the job that all of these people are doing, putting them all together, the job that they are doing. I am very proud of the job that they're doing, that Mike Pence is doing, that the task force has done, that Honeywell and Procter & Gamble and Mike and all of these people have done. I'm very proud; it's almost a miracle, and it is, the way it's all come together, and instead of asking a nasty, snarky question like that, you should ask a real question, and other than that I'm gonna go to somebody else.

The media went out of their mind again when Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, appeared at Monday's press conference to talk about the fact that he'd reconfigured his factory so it could produce fifty thousand masks a day.  Lindell, a Trump-supporter, added a little to his report, telling people Trump is a God-given blessing to the country and reminding them to read the Bible.

The more ignorant media members thought that when a private citizen talks about God and the Bible, the mere fact that he is at the White House meant that he had violated the First Amendment:

The less ignorant were merely offended — but Greg Gutfeld was on the job:

And last but not least, CBS, in a report about the coronavirus in New York used footage from Italy:

This is footage from SKY News on March 22 from Italy.

And here is footage from CBS News during their New York City report on March 25.

While New York is being hit hard, it's still no Italy.  CBS says it made a mistake with the footage, but it's the kind of mistake that is in keeping with institutional bias.

One day, three egregious examples of media bias, hatred, and misinformation.  This is not "news"; it's propaganda.

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