The media are engaged in a shameful sustained attack against Trump

On Tuesday, President Trump, Vice President Pence, Deborah Birx, and surgeon general Vice Admiral Jerome Adams sat down for a Fox News virtual town hall.  It was the most watched town hall in cable news history, with around 4.4 million viewers.  Americans are obviously hungry to hear information directly from those people who will make decisions about how our country approaches the coronavirus situation. In addition to the town hall, President Trump has been making himself and his team available every day for press conferences.  While the president is always going to be Trump-esque, he's learned the virtue of gracefully stepping aside so that the experts can speak directly to the public. These same press conferences have given Americans an unfiltered view of the mainstream media's so-called journalists.  The people get to see, without editing, how reporters treat the president with profound disrespect; argue with him...(Read Full Post)
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