The health of our leaders

Add Congressman Mark Meadows, incoming chief of staff for President Trump, to the growing list of government officials who have self-quarantined after contact with someone at CPAC who had the coronavirus.  As of this writing, there are six of them.

As most AT readers likely know by now, President Trump and Vice President Pence also had direct contact with an individual with the virus while they were at the conference.

At yesterday's press conference, Pence was asked if the president or if Pence had been tested.  He said he didn't know if the president had been and that he'd get an answer to the question soon.  As for himself, Pence said he had not received any advice to be tested.

Later that day, the press secretary released a statement confirming that neither the president nor the vice president has been tested.

I find this odd, disconcerting, and a bit confusing.

Among other things, it sets a poor example to Americans, as the task force is imploring people to follow a number of guidelines to help mitigate the spread of the virus.

If someone has had direct physical contact with a person who has the virus, do we really want him in close physical contact with others prior to the end of the 14-day incubation period (assuming he's OK by the end of it)?

YouTube screen grab.

Because it seems a bit odd that the president and vice president have had direct exposure to the virus yet are standing on a tiny stage crammed with several other members of the Coronavirus Task Force, several of whom, I might add, are not spring chickens.

In addition, Trump is out there shaking hands with well-wishers as he travels around the country.  Is this really necessary right now?

I want our leaders to be taking every precaution to stay healthy.  We need Trump to be able to continue to lead this nation into the future.

Thomas Lifson adds:

If, God forbid, the president and veep fall to the virus, Nancy Pelosi is in line for the presidency.  Lord help us!

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