The Diamond Princess, a floating Chinese Virus palace, provides suggestive data

What's frightening about the Chinese Virus is the overwhelming amount of inconclusive information.  We're inundated with media speculation and hyperventilation, Chinese disinformation, and data that change daily thanks to the treatment and quarantine initiatives governments are trying around the world. The fact that the disease has different rates of contagion and mortality in different parts of the world makes things more confusing.  We can understand why it exploded in China, a place of censored information, pollution, smoking, and primitive socialized medicine.  But why was it so virulent in Italy? Surely, Italy's socialized medicine is better than China's.  Or is the problem Italy's recent Silk Road Project agreement with China, which resulted in more than three hundred thousand Chinese workers entering Italy, mostly in the north, along with constant traffic between the two countries?  Although the...(Read Full Post)
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