The Democrats are trying to create another 'fine people' hoax against Trump

We all know that Democrats, in the media and politics, lie about Trump.  The most famous is the assertion that President Trump called white supremacists "fine people."  That hoax's reach perfectly exemplifies the old American saying that "falsehood will fly from Maine to Georgia, while truth is pulling her boots on."  Even though it's been repeatedly, and definitively, debunked, myriad people will state with fervor that Trump is a racist who loves neo-Nazis. With coronavirus in the air and an election looming, the same culprits behind the "fine people" hoax are now trying to tar Trump with a different hoax.  This one is the claim that he and John Bolton, while the latter was his national security adviser, dissolved the department in charge of dealing with possible pandemics. Enter Tim Morrison, one of the witnesses who testified against President Trump during the impeachment...(Read Full Post)
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