Suffering from existential despair, the NYT found itself a new scapegoat

One can feel the existential anguish oozing off every page and pixel at The New York Times.  That's not because the coronavirus is approaching apocalyptic proportions, with mass die-offs comparable to the year 1348, when the Black Death was at its apex.  Instead, the Times is confronting a different problem: President Donald Trump's poll numbers are doing very well.  His recent town hall was the most watched town hall in cable history.  His daily press conferences enthrall so many people that the media are desperate to stop televising them. Clearly, the Times had to bring out the big guns to ensure that Americans understand that not only is Trump the ultimate "Orange Man Bad," but also that his supporters must continue to be recognized as the "Deplorables" they are.  To that end, the Times published one of the most vicious opinion pieces ever seen in its...(Read Full Post)
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