Still alive in the coronavirus panic? Thank a worker

I just visited my local Food Lion supermarket.  A small battalion of workers was busy restocking shelves, and I thanked the manager and every other employee I found for the great job they are doing, keeping open and stocked (except for paper goods).  All expressed pride in their actions and thanked me in return for my appreciation. I was told that demand is high.  A delivery truck comes every other day instead of just a couple of times a week.  No one was quite sure how the back end of the supply chain works, but obviously, someone is doing something right so far, and I-81, which links the Southeast with New York and New England, hums with truck traffic. After my grocery run, I got fuel, then came home to my working electricity, full propane tank, and functioning telecoms. So, again so far, our great systems of infrastructure are working.  This is an excellent thing, because, as the oft-maligned prepper community has noted, a...(Read Full Post)
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