So maybe Trump's response to coronavirus didn't destroy the American economy

Since the moment the coronavirus entered the media's vocabulary, the media and the Democrat party have been working diligently to assure the American people that it's the second coming of the Black Death and that it's all Trump's fault.  Disgustingly, many of them have been insisting that it will destroy the American economy (which, after all, is one of Trump's biggest selling points), and certain people who shall be named — Paul Krugman, I'm talking to you — seemed to celebrate the stock market's big drop last week.  The stock market, though, seems to be recovering already, posting huge gains on Monday. Don Surber, one of the most astute bloggers around, was unsurprised by the market's gyrations because he had predicted this event long ago: NPR reported, "Stocks took another steep dive Friday, deepening a multi-day rout fueled by fears about the coronavirus' impact on the global...(Read Full Post)
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