Rabbi Yosef Neumann passed away — not from Wuhan COVID-19, but from hate

While the U.S. (indeed, most of the world, it seems) is in the Twilight Zone of a suspended form of life in lockdown, concentrating on all news Wuhan China COVID-19, other news is happening.  Other people are, sadly, dying from other causes besides the mysterious virus.  Including murder.  A hate crime murder. One of the five victims of a vicious machete stabbing attack by a black man against Jews celebrating the Jewish holiday of Hannukah in their home died Sunday evening.  The Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council tweeted: The stabbing attack took place Saturday night Dec 28, 2019 during a Hanukkah celebration in the Forshay area of Monsey, NY at the home of Rabbi Chaim Leibish Rottenberg. The incident left five people wounded. The funeral of Mr. Neumann OBM will be Monday. And... We are sad to inform you that Yosef Neumann who was stabbed during the Hanukah attack in Monsey late Dec 2019, passed...(Read Full Post)
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