One man's tweets remind us that Americans hang together, they don't fall apart

For many people, there is a sense that the world is collapsing around them.  People must have felt this way in December 999, when they thought that the year 1,000 would bring about the end of the world, or in 1348, when the Black Plague was erasing one third to one half of the world's population. Today, people who ought to know better are intentionally driving the panic.  The media are probably doing that in part to spur sales ("if it bleeds, it leads" and all that).  As Sunday night's debate between Bernie and Biden shows, though, Democrats are entirely on board with creating panic because they believe that it will win them back the White House.  To the extent that the press is a Democrat operation, it wants voters so afraid that they'll switch leaders in the middle of a crisis. The run on stores shows that the Democrat establishment's tactics are working.  People are panicking, whether because some...(Read Full Post)
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