Obama created an N95 mask shortage, but the free market is coming to the rescue

A major problem for hospitals treating coronavirus is a lack of N95 respirator masks. These are the only masks that reliably protect hospital workers who are on the front line for treating coronavirus patients. It turns out that the Obama administration created the shortage. Now, thanks to Trump’s willingness to partner with, rather than destroy, businesses, 3M is coming to the rescue. In the past couple of months, as it became apparent that coronavirus was serious, people went on mask buying binges. In societies such as Japan or Hong Kong, in which people with colds or the flu always wear masks as a courtesy to keep others from getting sick, this habit may have slowed the virus’s spread. While regular masks cannot protect people in a high-risk environment from inhaling the virus, they will diminish substantially the risk that a sick person will exhale the virus with sufficient force or viral load to make others ill. However, people did not just buy...(Read Full Post)
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