New study shows sea level rise has been slow and a constant, pre-dating industrialization

For those who seek to panic the public into handing control of all economic activity to the state, the prospect of rising sea levels inundating coastal cities has been the most useful tool.  By propagating the theory that your SUV, air-conditioning, and jet travel will drown New York and Miami, and submerge Pacific islands out of existence, the warmists plan to extract trillions of dollars from advanced economies and distribute them to cronies making solar cells, electric cars, windmills, and other expensive substitutes, and to the rulers of third-world countries alleged to be devastated (with "administrative costs" sticking to the fingers of the bureaucrats, of course). It all makes intuitive sense, so children like Greta Thunberg are easily convinced that their futures have been stolen because you want to enjoy a first-world lifestyle.  Melt the polar ice caps, and we are doomed! In real life, the problems with the theory have been...(Read Full Post)
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