Mixed messages about masks

Medical experts in this country have implored us to stop buying masks. No problem. There are none to be had. We’re told masks don’t help and the (insufficient) supply is needed for health care providers and areas most impacted by the virus. Huh? Masks won’t help protect us from the virus, yet they’re needed for health care providers because, I assume, they offer protection. How exactly do they protect health care providers but not a regular Joe (no relation to Biden)? And just to be clear, I’m talking about two different kinds of masks, each of which has a different application: surgical masks (the soft, pastel-colored ear-loop type) and N95 masks (the type many who work in construction and other trades use, as well as those in healthcare settings). If a healthy person wears a surgical mask, the mask won’t keep pathogens out. But if an infected person wears this kind of mask, the mask will help keep pathogens in should the person not...(Read Full Post)
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