Media showing their inner 'Mean Girls' more and more each day

It looks as though, in this time of wokeness running amuck, we all are being instructed that we live in a "gender-fluid America."  Consequently, if that is the case, I can be on strong ground and not accused of a dreaded sexism charge in pointing out that many members of the White House Press Corps are channeling their inner "Mean Girls." Almost as part of the plotline from Tina Fey's brilliant movie Mean Girls, the "in crowd," the White House Press Corps turned on an accomplished outsider with this brouhaha: A reporter from right-leaning One America News was roasted on social media on Thursday after asking President Trump if he thought the term "Chinese food" is racist, with one member of the press calling it "the dumbest question I've ever heard." Au contraire, you snarky lightweights, the person asking the question for One America News is Chanel Rion, an accomplished Harvard Grad. In...(Read Full Post)
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