Liberals demand federal coronavirus crackdown from president they want to impeach

We're all going to be spending a lot more time on the internet as long as the informal COVID-19 sequestration remains in place.  That means that our unoccupied attention will be subject to more inane opinions than normal, but hey, at least irascible Joe Biden gets a break from buffaloing inquisitive voters and threatening to give them the back of his liver-spotted hand. As Netflix stock rises and Charmin Ultra Soft supplies run low, some public officials are using the forced downtime to excrete whatever thought forms in their woolgathering state.  Most are shtuss; some are inadvertently insightful. Take liberal senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut.  Like most youngish elected officials (the senator is a spry 46), Murphy is active on social media, particularly Twitter.  And like most Twitter habitués, he has a talent for sticking his cap-toed foot in his mouth. Good Democrat janissary that he is, Murphy is spewing plenty...(Read Full Post)
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