Leftists mock Ted Cruz for...protecting them from coronavirus

What is it with the left and its seeming desire to kill others?

First we had a far-left Denver city councilwoman, Candi CdeBaca, endorse the intentional spreading of coronavirus among political opponents in order to kill them, with a repulsive "#solidarity Yaaaas!!

Now we have leftists mocking Sen. Ted Cruz for self-quarantining, after being exposed to a coronavirus patient at CPAC, in order to prevent any spread of the disease to others, including political opponents.  That includes leftists in Congress and anyone else.  Given that coronavirus exposure sometimes turns well people into "superspreaders," it was a highly responsible and empathetic thing to do.  Cruz put others before himself in this selfless act, protecting even leftists.

Instead of Cruz drawing praise and encouragement, leftists went into catcall mode (fortunately not all of them, but huge numbers of them), chirruping about what a great thing it is to have Cruz go away — as if it were some kind of victory worth dancing about.

In a contest between Cruz and the coronavirus, they are literally cheering the coronavirus.  The Daily Caller has much more here.

As if infectious diseases pick political sides and Democrats, or cripes, anyone, friend or foe, is somehow immune, so time to cheer the affected Ted.  How fine it is to feel superior.  This is the thinking of people who are crazed in their hatred of conservatives.  It's the thinking of people who are fundamentally unserious about pandemics — and for sure unfit to lead the country on such an event.

The Republican reaction, by contrast, has been serious — and non-partisan.

To take one example, Iranian officials, including at least one very nasty one directly responsible for holding Americans hostage in 1979, have died from exposure to the coronavirus, yet nobody on the right side is cheering.  You don't see cheerleading tweets from President Trump on the topic, or even blame-gaming — if you had only done this...

The only thing President Trump has offered to Iran is...help, something the mullahs can't bear to take.  But the record stands.  Trump is not only not wishing them no ill from the pandemic, but reaching out to them with offers of help.

The left just doesn't seem to understand that joking about pandemics, and abusing those who behave responsibly, is a revolting reflection on them.  Not only is it mean-spirited, but it's kind of murder-happy.  And the incredible thing is, it fails to understand the nature of the enemy here — a virus that can spread to anyone nearby with no regard for ideology.  For normals, that's like cheering and denying use of a garden hose when a hated next-door neighbor's house is on fire and then getting surprised when the fire spreads.  Any doofus out there would know that would happen, but not the left.

The only thing the left should be saying to Cruz is "thank you."

Leftists ought to be embarrassed.  They've now shown us "who they are."




Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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