Left howls after Trump orders detained illegals to give DNA samples

As usual, the left is howling about the Trump administration's new plan to force detained illegals - the brazen people who cross illegally and turn themselves in to U.S. Border Patrol authorities for 'services' - to provide DNA samples to lawmen, in order to catch the ones who are already wanted for other crimes, mostly from past occasions of breaking into the U.S.

According to National Public Radio:

Immigrant rights advocates describe it as dehumanizing and a serious breach of privacy against vulnerable populations. "It's about miscasting these individuals, many of whom are seeking asylum in this country ... as people who pose a threat that somehow would justify holding onto the most intimate information about them indefinitely," Naureen Shah, senior advocacy and policy counsel with the American Civil Liberties Union, tells NPR. She notes the ACLU also opposes DNA collection from people arrested or investigated for crimes, due to concerns about the risk of misidentification.

The Justice Department said Friday that it is formally amending regulations and pushing forward with the DNA collection plan, which was first floated in October. The final rule is scheduled to publish on Monday.

Which is absurd on its face. All kinds of people ask for asylum in the states these days -- war criminals, cartel members, people who commit crimes against Americans and then hotfoot it back to their home countries -- now seeking to use asylum law as a shield in order to hide out with people whose cases that might have merit, as their hide-in-the-crowd cover. Might there be a few of them who use fake names and fake IDs? A DNA sample might just find them. What better reason to have a DNA sample in order to identify such people?

And it turns out the Trump administration's action is not some executive order in the lines of Obama's style of governing, but actual U.S. law that was passed bipartisanly in 2005 and just never enforced. Past presidents always just 'waivered' it, effectively nullifying the law with a pen and a phone.

The Department of Justice said the final rule is simply implementing a 2005 law called the DNA Fingerprint Act, which gave authorities broad authority to collect DNA samples from people in federal custody.

"Today's rule assists federal agencies in implementing longstanding aspects of our immigration laws as passed by bipartisan majorities of Congress," Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen said in a statement. "Its implementation will help to enforce federal law with the use of science."

Leftists of all stripes, including the congressional Democrats who passed this 2005 law, have simply changed their minds in the years that have followed, moving to an open-borders stance, and that explains the collective howl, as well as likely lawsuits, same lawsuits leftists NGOs always resort to whenever they can't be bothered to get their lefty allies on the congressional side to just repeal the law they no longer like.

The left in fact never addresses the issue of immigration laws at all in its constant reflexive complaints - whether in how many immigrants are to be allowed in, something Congress is charged with determining - hint: maybe you should open up more legal slots - to whether signed laws they passed themselves ought to actually be enforced, such as this DNA law, simply because leftist presidents failed to enforce it and they've gotten comfortable with the law-free arrangement.

They'd rather just have lawless open borders and left-wing lawyers thwarting Trump and the people who elected him instead.

Now they're howling about migrant 'dignity,' for people who have, after all, broken into the country, and gotten themselves detained. 

Not a word about the American crime victims of illegals who break into the country, of whom there are many, with repeat-deportation cases of criminals being some of the most salient cases. Any word on their 'dignity' or right to actual justice? Kate Steinle's killer, a man who used multiple names, was booted from the U.S. five times for crimes against Americans and just kept coming back. If anyone ought to be tested for DNA either to keep him out or else put him away, it's guys like him.

All the dignity in world is due to guys like him, according to the left. That's who they're defending.

The DNA law is a good one, in that anyone who's had a crime spree or two in the states, has left a string of victims, and now wants to come back as a vaunted 'refugee' or asylee, will now get properly identified, busted, and have to pay for his crimes instead. That's a strong incentive for crooks to stay out of the states and should work wonders to discourage criminals from trying to enter at all, or at least brazenly presenting themselves to Border Patrol officers along with demands for free food, free diapers, free transport, free medical care, free leftwing lawyers and free everything else, with leftists and their media allies fawning all over them. The law serves the interests of U.S. citizens who are entitled to not have to endure crimes by imported illegals in any instance. Those are the people the left ought to be directing their sympathy to, but we know all about who gets first priority with these creeps. If they don't like this law, why aren't they tryimg to change it?

Image credit: U.S. Customs & Border Patrol // public domain

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