Laughingstock New York Times offers coronavirus comic relief

Jennifer Senior, an op-ed columnist at the New York Times, writes that President Trump's news conferences on the Wuhan Virus are nothing but "propaganda."  Trump "rambles on incoherently, vainly, angrily, deceitfully[.]"  The president reminds her of a character from the newsreels of yesteryear approved by the Soviet Politburo.  Now, that's rich coming from the Times, propaganda central for the Democrat Party. 

To drive home that point, Senior takes note of the president's response to NBC's Peter Alexander 

and writes: "But telling the media that they're peddling fake news is straight from the playbook of the political gangsters of the last century.  So many of Trump's moves are."  And who could those gangsters be but Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini?  The conclusion is that Trump is one of them.  But ask Jenny, What if the new being peddled is fake?, and all you get will be either knee-jerk denial or crickets.

It gets funnier when Senior advises her readers whom to listen to for the facts.  She writes, "If the public wants factual new briefings, they need to tune in to those who are giving it to them: Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada and Angela Merkel of Germany."  I suppose adding Chinese president Xi Jinping to her list was a bridge too far to cross for this fake news maven.

Apparently, the initial bungling of the crisis by Merkel and Trudeau doesn't register with Ms. Senior.  Why would it?  Merkel and Trudeau are in the leftist camp, and it's a solidarity thing for leftists to stick together.

And what would a Trump-bashing disinformation column be without the charge of racism?  Senior doesn't disappoint, but she adds a twist.  She doesn't directly charge Trump for being a racist xenophobe for his correct labeling of this virus as "Chinese" or "Wuhan."  That's left to others at the Times to do.  Instead, she focuses on secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar and Trump's political base — i.e., you and me.

Alex Azar may have been the worst offender, speaking Friday to the urgency of closing the southern border.  He's the secretary of health and human services, not homeland security.  Yet he was parroting Trump's message about the coronavirus, one specifically tailored to the base: We're keeping brown immigrants from spreading it.

Never mind that closing the border is imperative to stopping the spread of this virus.  And elementary logic seems to be too much for Senior.  Can the woman not make the obvious connection between health and stopping the spread of this Chinese virus?  She also charges Trump and his administration with confusion and inconsistency.  Here's an example she gives: "[o]n Friday, Trump said he cherished journalism, and his secretary of state complained about disinformation on Twitter."  You see, to this op-ed writer, Twitter equates with journalism — to which it can be added that journalism does not equate with those employed as journalists today.

Senior's spinning every which way to bash President Trump is comic relief for those tethered to objective reality.  The shame is that she does this even in this crisis and that she and her ilk are taken seriously by those trapped in the liberal media bubble.

Image: Adam Jones via Flickr (cropped).

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