Kellyanne Conway proves again she's worth whatever Trump pays her

The mainstream media are disgusting.  That sentence could open every article about the mainstream media in a time of coronavirus. The media's hostility to Trump is so extreme that there is no lie they won't tell to damage him — never mind that doing so might destroy the American economy or cause other unimaginable harm to the American people.

In addition to lies, the media's other line of attack is to call everything Trump says or does "racist."  When it comes to the coronavirus, the media have a friend in the Chinese Communist Party that started this epidemic.  The communists would also like Trump to be "racist," because attacking him deflects attention from the party's disgraceful and deadly behavior in hiding the coronavirus from the world to keep the Chinese government looking good.

This anti-Trump bias had led to the latest media meme, which is that the phrases "Wuhan Virus" and "Chinese Virus" are racist.  Naturally, Trump doubled down, for he now speaks only of the Chinese Virus.  The problem for the media is that they, just a month ago, used the words "Chinese" and "Wuhan" nonstop when referring to the virus.  Reporters, therefore, know they're on shaky ground when attacking Trump on this point.

The only thing to be done is to lie.  In this case, the lie is that an unnamed White House official went beyond saying "Wuhan" or "Chinese Virus."  Instead, speaking to an Asian reporter, the official called the coronavirus the "Kung Flu."

On Wednesday, when Kellyanne Conway made herself available for questions from the media, the assembled press members, mostly women by the sound of their voices, didn't want to talk about things that might matter to the American people, such as plans for stemming the tide of the Chinese Virus or helping the financial hemorrhage the virus is causing.

Instead, the media's shrieking harpies spoke in one voice: tell us how guilty the whole Trump administration is because an anonymous White House official allegedly made a joke that offended an Asian reporter.

Conway responded perfectly.  Without raising her voice or getting sharp, she demanded that those reporters identify the alleged "senior White House official" who spoke about the "Kung Flu."

The resulting video is a little long (over two minutes), but every second is a pleasure.  As Conway politely asks for information, the women before her become shriller and more incoherent, believing that they have no obligation to substantiate a crude rumor if it will help them in their self-righteous and insane crusade against Trump:

Whatever Trump is paying Conway, it's not enough, based on that performance alone.

Interestingly, the media's nonstop attacks on Trump, sadly, have affected how the public views his performance overall, lowering his polling numbers in the past week.  However, when pollsters ask people about Trump's specific policies, people like them.

For example, according to Rasmussen Reports, "80% of American Adults agree with the federal government's decision to temporarily ban travelers from China and nearly all European countries to prevent the possible spread of coronavirus.  Only 12% disagree."  Matt Palumbo has other data about American support for coronavirus policies in Trump's America.

We've known for a long time that the media are morally corrupt.  It's helpful to see them reveal themselves in their battle against Trump.  They're all pretty, shiny, and articulate on TV, but behind those façades lurk debased, hate-filled people.  Each reporter has become his own picture of Dorian Gray.

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